IVAT International 2014 Sessions Listing

SA 1, Racial/Ethnic Disparities and Trauma; Influence of Environment on Violence Against Marginalized Women in Mexico

“Kathleen Kendall-Tackett; Erin Conners; Chair: Monica Ulibarri”


SA 10, Secondary Patient Trauma within Group Psychotherapy: A Needs Assessment; Overcoming the Dynamics of Trauma: A Working Clinical Paradigm

“Emily Dixon & Elizabeth Linn; Andrew Phelps & Christopher Zubiate; Chair: Joyanna Silberg”


SA 11B, The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Physical Health in College Students: A Replication and Extension of the ACEs Study; Psychological Services Needed: Pediatric Victims of Non-Accidental Trauma; The Truth About Shaken Baby Syndrome

“Irina Khrapatina & Pearl Berman; Robyn Finckbone & Cameron Neece; Shawn Parcells; Chair: Alicia Summers”


SA 2, Traumatic Childhood Experiences: Building on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Framework; Making Healing Happen: Systems and Processes that Lead to Healing

“Ernestine Briggs-King; Dan Rhoton & Jeff Putthoff; Chair: Lucinda Rassmussen”


SA 4, Sandy Hook, A Change in the Paradigm of School Threat and Risk Assessment

“Karen Borders, John McLaughlin & Mario Casas”


SA 5, Domestic and Prisoner Reentry: Stakeholder and System Change

“Oliver Williams & Megan Vertin”


SA 7, The National PreventionToolkit: Preventing Violence in Criminal Justice Homes

“Karen Oehme”


SA 8, Engaging the Health and Social Needs of Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

“Beth Ribet, Autumn Burris, Claudia Pena”


SP 1, Shame, Mastery and Self; Treating the Complex Psychiatric Patient

“Kevin Connors; Marie Schur, Charles Broderick & Darci Delgado”


SP 4, Restorative Parenting: Parent-Child Relationships in the Shadow of DV; Restorative Parenting: Advanced Application and Program Integration

“David Mathews”


SP 5, Confronting and Dealing with Shame and Trauma for IPV offenders

“Alyce LaViolette”


SP 6, The Affordable Care Act and IPV Screening

“Samia Noursi, Debbie Lee, Brigid McCaw, Kevin Hamberger (Chair), Jacquelyn Campbell & Becky Odor”


SP 7, Buyer Beware:The Role of Technology in Human Trafficking; Historical Coercion or Trafficking and Impact on Client-Perpetrated Violence Among Female Sex Workers in a Canadian Setting; Migration Determinants of Violence among Female Sex Workers Along Mexico-Guatemala Border

“Susan McIntyre & Rane Johnson-Stempel; Shira Goldenberg; Teresita Rocha Jimenez; Chair: L.C. Miccio-Fonseca”


MA 1, Early Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Story; Male Sexual Assault Victims: The Pain Behind the Mask

“Richard Kenworthy; Russell Strand”


MA 3, What Happens with Sexual Abuse Evaluations and What Doesn’t

“Randell Alexander”


MA 5, Identifying and Addressing Pathological Conflict in Couples; Ending Domestic Violence with Couples Counseling? Yes, it Really Can be Successful!

“ Chris Huffine; Janet Wagar, Janie Christensen & Sam Blakely; Chair: Kathleen Gorman”


MA 6, Assessing Safety & Managing Risk – One Shelter’s Journey; Promoting Violence-Free “Thriving” Relationships for Survivors with Self-Empowerment Tools

“Abi Ajibolade Beth Jordan; Susan Omilian & Kathryn Tull ”


MA 7, Law Enforcement Officer Involved in DV; Appropriate and Inappropiate Response Patterns by Law Enforcement in Trauma Situations

“Rod Reder; Mike Hertica; Chair Karen Borders”


MA 9, Strength at Home Studies for Preventing Military Violence: Final Results

“Casey Taft”


MA 11A, Addressing the Effects of Violence & Abuse to Improve Health Outcomes for Women Living with HIV; Prevention and Intervention Strategies Addressing the Intersection of HIV for Black Domestic Violence Survivors

“Erin Falvey, Jay Conner & Martha Zarate; Shelia Hankins ”


MA 11B, Our Ethical Responsibility of Self-Care

“Mary Jo Barrett & Christine Courtois”


KM 1, BB Robbie Rossman Child Maltreatment Memorial Panel: The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Healthcare

“Moderator: Tasneem Ismailji, Vincent Felitti, David Corwin, Robert Geffner”


KM 10, Treatment Issues & Approaches for Complex Trauma

“Moderator: Kevin Connors, Joyanna Silberg, Mary Jo Barrett, Frances Waters”


KM 11A, A Multi-Pronged Approach to Ending Physical Punishment of Children in the United States

“Moderator: Sandi Capuano Morrison; Deb Sendek, Amy Russell, Stacie LeBlanc”


KM 11B, Fifty Years After the War on Poverty: Implications on Violence in the Family

“Moderator: Joyce Thomas; Oliver Williams, Jerry Tello, Tameka Gillum, Trudy Gregorie”


KM 4, Paul Fink Interpersonal Violence Prevention Memorial Panel: Bullying Prevention & Promoting Bystander Intervention

“Moderator: Billie Weiss; Barry Anton, Michele Koonin, and Amy Shadoin”


KM 5, What Makes for Effective IPV Offender Treatment?

“Moderator: David Mathews; Alan Rosenbaum, Michael Paymar, Alyce LaViolette”


KM 7, Interviewing Victims & Offenders

“Moderator: Wendy Patrick; Mike Hertica, Russell Strand, Janet Wagar”


KM 9, Rape Culture: Military & Civilian Considerations, Discarding the Myth of the Perfect Victim and Why Current and Reocmmended Policies are Not Enough in Military Culture

“Moderator: Heidi Kraft; Melissa Bicheler, Elizabeth Estabrooks, Glenna Tinney”


MP 10, Pathways & Relationships Between Sexual Trauma & Juvenile Delinquency for African & Latina Girls; Working Toward a Trauma-Responsive Juvenile Court

“Chair- Chiquita Sipos; Gena Castro Rodriguez, Alicia Summers”


MP 11A, How to Advocate for Violence Prevention: A First-Hand Account of Capitol Hill and the Legislative Process

“ Nicole Stoneburg & Jacquelyn White”


MP 11B, Child Protection and Therapy in Child Custody Cases: Ethical Issues and Techniques

“Stefanie Platt, Morgan Shaw, Bob Geffner”


MP 4, Where the Athlete is a Child: Strategies for Preventing and Addressing Abuse in Sport

“Victor Vieth, Susan Woessner”


MP 5, Effecting Meaningful Change with Batterers’ Treatment

“Michael Levittan”


MP 6, Exploring the Experiences of DV with Arab Immigrant Community; Narratives of the Japanese American Internment: Are Pardons & Apologies Helpful?

“Chair- Arvis Jones; Sonya Crabtree-Nelson, Itedal Shalabi & Neil Vincent; Priscilla Dass-Brailsford & Koko Nishi”


MP 8, Identifying Sexual Victimization in Children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder

“John Seasock & John Reinhardt ”


MP 9, Sexual Victimization of Military Veterans: Findings From Two PTSD Studies; Combat Trauma & Recovery from Pain:Pain and Sleep Providers as Lifesavers of War Veterans

“Chair- Valerie Stander; Danielle Beck, Jill Bormann & Dorothy Plumb; Heidi Kraft ”


TA 1, African American Survivors Healing Through Spirituality, The Arts and Activism

“Thema Bryant-Davis, Danielle Burnette, Gimel Rogers”


TA 2, Risk Assessment of Child & Adolescent Violence & Aggression; A 6-year Longitudinal Examination of: Predictive Validity of Risk Assessment Tools for Sexually Abusive Youth in Residential & the Relationship Between Abuse History & Risk Levels

“John Seasock; Lucinda Rasmussen ”


TA 3, Ethics & Implications of the Family Bridges Program & Other Coerced Reunification Programs for “Alienated Children”

“Joyanna Silberg, Alan Rosenfeld”


TA 4, Emotional Abuse and the Relationship to Juvenile Sex Offending Status

“Marc Felizzi”


TA 5, Silent Strategies: Examining IPV and Traumatic Brain Injuries; DV and the Traumatized Brain

“Chair: Alan Rosenbaum; Akosoa McFadgion, Michael Levittan ”


TA 6, Services to Battered Women with Partners Incarcerated or on Parole: Results of a National Survey; Challenges of Battered Women in the Courts: Focus Group Interviews with African American, African & Latina Victims of Violence & Judges

“Oliver Williams, Esther Jenkins, Sonia Davila-Williams & Fatima Porgho; Oliver Williams & Esther Jenkins”


TA 7, “Extreme Hardship”: Hispanic Children and Deportation; Intellectual Disability: Trauma, Violence, Forensic Implications, and Treatment Options

“Russell Bader; Greg Bohall & Mary Jo Bautista”


TA 9, Helping Children Understand and Cope When a Parent Has PTSD

“Beth Andrews”


TP 1, Ten Things Partners of Survivors Should Know; The Sexual Exploitation of Young Men In Western Canada

“Chris Anderson; Susan McIntyre; Chair- Richard Kenworthy”


TP 10, Intersection between Domestic & Sexual Violence: Current Research & Practical Implications; Life in the Reactor: Stories of Working in an Irradiated Community; Overcoming Effects of Abuse

“Sandi Capuano Morrison & Bob Geffne; Daniel Rhoton & Jeff Putthoff; Stefanie Stolinsky”


TP 11B, Victim-Centered Interviewing within Corrections; The Cost of Caring: First Nations Helpers & Secondary Trauma; Holding on to Hope: Intergenerational Perspective of Child Welfare System Involvement; Abuse of Older Adults: A Historical Review

“James Henderson; Kathleen Gorman; Julii Green, Iris Lavi; Bettye Mitchell; Chair: Chiquita Sipos ”


TP 2, ACEs: Informing Best Practices & Trauma Informed Care

“Dave Corwin, Vince Felitti, Tasneem Ismailji”


TP 3, Backlash against Child Abuse Victims & Their Advocates; Child Sexual Abuse Cases and the CSI Effect: Perception vs. Reality

“Joy Silberg & Ross Cheit; Emily Combes, Jennifer Westgate”


TP 7, A Comprehensive Approach to Forensic Interviewing: The ChildFirst Protocol; The Importance of the Forensic Mental Health Expert in Child Sexual Abuse Case

“Amy Russell; Irwin Zalkin”


TP 9, Sexual Assault in the Military: What You Need to Know; Mantram Repetition for Veterans with PTSD: Two Randomized Clinical Trials; Videotaped Stories of Veterans Using Mantram Repetition for Managing PTSD; Efficacy of Mantram Repetition on Sleep in Veterans with PTSD

“Glenna Tinney; Jill Bormann, Daneille Beck & Dorothy Plumb; Jill Bormann, Danielle Beck, Wendy Belding & Steven Thorp; Lindsay Holt & Jill Bormann; Chair: Valerie Stander”


WA 1, Women’s Life Experiences and the Impact of Participation in Intimate Partner Violence Research; Relationship Conflict Among Female Sex Workers and Their Intimate Partners

“ Sandra Burge & Johanna Bechho; Monica Ulibarri; Chair: Linda Brown”


WA 11A, When My Skin’s My Sin: Colorism in Communities of Color; Connection Among Acculturation of Latinos and Interpersonal Violence Dynamics

“Marcus Sharpe; Alexis Miranda & Ruth Arviso; Chair: Angela Patino Medrino”


WA 11B, Men, Women, and IPV: Reviewing Comparative Studies in Clinical Populations; It’s Logistics! Creating Optimal Results for Relationship Education Programs in the Community

“Kevin Hamberger; Becky Antle & Erin Ness Roberts; Chair: Thomas Bellows”


WA 2, The Importance of Being Trauma Informed in Working with Cross Over Youth; Denying Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Gender Equity is Violence

“Carolyn Levenberg & Lorena Avitea; Maria Raguz; Chair: Zuzana Vasiliauskaite”


WA 3, When Faith Hurts: Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Maltreated Children; Engaging Faith Communties in the Battle against Childhood Sexual Abuse

“Victor Vieth; Chris Anderson”


WA 4, Exploring the Effects of Child Trauma: Family and Community Violence Among Diverse Populations

“Thema Bryant-Davis”


WA 5, Offender Accountability: A System’s Perspective; Henderson-Probation Group Reporting

“James Henderson”


WA 7, Identifying, Understanding and Transforming Violent Individuals

“Lisa Firestone, Devin Gaster & Kevin Penn”